Monah B2C Mobile-Commerce

A digital marketplace app that streamlines grocery shopping by delivering essentials to clients’ doors, while offering sellers a platform to expand their customer base and boost earnings.

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Main Challenges

Securing dependable catering services can be challenging for organizations, particularly in the fast-evolving tech landscape of Saudi Arabia. Recognizing this gap, our client sought to simplify the catering procurement process through a dedicated mobile app. To bring this vision to life, they enlisted Apptech's expertise to develop an application that serves as a bridge between consumers and catering providers, effectively connecting both sides of the market.

Apptech Solution

After closely collaborating with our client and conducting a meticulous market study in Saudi Arabia, Apptech engineered Souq Monah—a versatile e-commerce mobile app tailored for grocery shopping. Designed for both Android and iOS users, the app is a one-stop solution that addresses every conceivable need of the consumer.
From secure online transactions and a broad spectrum of product offerings to a curated list of grocery vendors and hassle-free home delivery—Souq Monah has it all. Additionally, the app empowers sellers with user-friendly tools for catalog setup, visual enhancements, and swift order management.


Souq Monah quickly ascended to prominence, garnering a substantial number of downloads from enthusiastic users. The platform served as a win-win for both buyers and sellers. Vendors benefited from a new revenue channel and a broader customer base, while consumers enjoyed a diverse range of options and the convenience of time-saving home deliveries.

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