E-Commerce 3D-Simulation Platform

A versatile e-commerce platform accessible via mobile and web, designed to deliver custom-crafted shoes right to your doorstep. The application offers unique features such as 3D design tools for personalized shoe customization, gift-sending, online payment options, and unprecedented control over shoe design elements, setting it apart from traditional shoe stores.

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Main Challenges

The dream of owning a completely personalized pair of shoes is a universal desire, yet one that has been traditionally limited by the constraints of pre-designed options in stores or online. Our client sought to change this narrative by commissioning us to create an accessible online platform that would make custom footwear a reality for everyone.

Apptech Solution

Apptech carefully gathered the project requirements and developed "Hetha Alsharq," a comprehensive e-commerce platform accessible via both mobile and web. This platform empowers users to fully customize shoes in 3D, adjusting design, color, and other essential attributes.
Beyond customization and ordering, the platform also features an integrated payment gateway and even allows users to send customized shoes as gifts to friends or family. For sellers, the platform offers a web-based dashboard that enables efficient product availability tracking, warehouse management, real-time inventory updates, and customer engagement metrics, in addition to comprehensive order management.


"Hetha Alsharq" has proven to be a resounding success, leading to increased profitability and product visibility for our client. The platform has garnered a substantial number of orders for 3D-customized shoes, attracting a highly engaged customer base. For Apptech, this new approach to footwear retail has yielded multiple benefits for both sellers and buyers, including streamlined order management, enhanced customer satisfaction, real-time inventory tracking, increased sales through personalized offerings, and a simplified payment process.

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