Redeem Loyalty Point Mobile App

A digital wallet that allows users to redeem or swap loyalty points from multiple merchants and vendors. These points can then be used to purchase products from affiliated suppliers within the app.

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Main Challenges

In Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, consumers often found themselves unable to utilize loyalty points beyond the specific merchant where they were earned. This led to a loss of valuable rewards for the users. Our client approached us to address this issue and sought a mobile app as a solution that would aggregate loyalty points from various merchants, allowing users to redeem them more flexibly at different checkout points.

Apptech Solution

After a series of meetings and comprehensive analysis, Apptech's team developed LollyHub, an innovative electronic wallet mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS.
The solution offered seamless account management and point redemption by integrating with various merchants to allow users to use their collected loyalty points to acquire products from any registered merchant in the platform, thus streamlining the entire loyalty point ecosystem.


Apptech developed a solution called LollyHub that has substantially broadened engagement opportunities for both consumers and merchants. The new platform not only saves users money but also enhances the efficiency of the loyalty point redemption process, minimizing the limitations previously faced. As a result, the app has garnered a large user base and numerous downloads. Users can now seamlessly connect their accounts to redeem points across various merchants, encouraging more frequent visits and purchases. Consequently, the platform has modernized the traditional loyalty point system, elevating the quality and effectiveness of customer engagement for merchants.

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