B2C SeaFood Mobile Commerce

A mobile e-commerce platform designed for UAE residents, allowing them to browse local seafood availability, place orders for their preferred selections, and enjoy doorstep delivery through online payment options. Additionally, the app provides sellers with the opportunity to display their product catalogs and tap into online sales, thereby increasing their profit margins.

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Main Challenges

Given the challenges UAE residents encounter when buying seafood, such as congested roads and limited fish stock, making a trip to the fish market has become increasingly cumbersome for many. In response to this, our client approached us with the aim of streamlining this process by developing a mobile app that would not only allow individuals to check fish availability but also place orders directly from their mobile devices, thereby enhancing efficiency, convenience, and overall customer experience.

Apptech Solution

Following an exhaustive assessment to identify market gaps and potential solutions, Apptech's team crafted AlNoKhatha, an innovative e-commerce mobile app tailored for the seafood industry.
. The app streamlines the buying process by incorporating essential features such as online payment, catalog creation, and home delivery options. AlNoKhatha also empowers sellers by providing a platform where they can display their catalog, indicate product availability, and ultimately expand their market reach


Apptech successfully developed a user-friendly app that has substantially broadened the seafood market, capturing significant attention and user engagement. The app not only streamlines the buying process for consumers, saving them time and making seafood more accessible, but also serves as an additional revenue stream for sellers.

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