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We are proud to be the first in Top 10 Microsoft Solution Providers – 2019, here is the whole article:

“Microsoft needs no introduction; they have dominated the personal computer operating market since the introduction of MS-DOS back in the mid-1980s. Today, it develops, manufactures, license supports, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and others. Being at the forefront of digital transformation; Microsoft has a plethora of products and solutions precisely tailored to address the needs of any organization.


To reach out to the end-users effectively, Microsoft has its certified partner network that specializes in providing up-to-date Microsoft technology solutions

across the globe. These partners or solutions providers can access the business goals of an organization, and accordingly identify the correct solutions that will help them achieve the desired targets; while leading to have a more agile and efficient business model. Moreover, they can also assist end-user in leveraging the full potential of Microsoft Azure; and help them build, test, deploy, and manage their applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

With so many solutions providers to choose from; the organizations often face a challenge to select the right vendor that will help them cope up with their business problems, additionally; it will enable their employees to accomplish more through a broad range of Microsoft solutions. To assist them with the same; the editorial board at CIO Applications Europe has selected a handful of leading Microsoft solution providers after evaluating their technical prowess. We have considered the vendor’s ability in delivering solutions; keeping in mind, the factors like the expertise in the domain, skills, competencies, and the impact of the solution on the business.”

You can read it on the website or from the magazine 

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