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In today’s digital age, creating a compelling website that draws visitors and converts them into leads is a paramount goal for businesses across all sectors. Similarly, crafting the perfect mobile app with the right features can be a daunting task, especially when past endeavors have led to disappointment. This is where online platforms that rank businesses and gather in-depth client reviews come into play. They not only credit outstanding service providers but also simplify the selection process for clients in need.

The Manifest & Clutch

Two sister companies have taken on the mantle of offering these invaluable services:

  • Clutch: Primarily a B2B research, ratings, and reviews platform, Clutch is renowned for its comprehensive directories of B2B service providers spanning various industries. Its hallmark is the detailed client reviews, gathered through interviews, which offer insights into the experiences of clients with listed companies. These reviews, combined with factors like market presence and work quality, form the basis for Clutch’s industry-specific company rankings.
  • The Manifest: While it also offers company listings, The Manifest’s core focus is on delivering business insights, how-to guides, and industry reports. It frequently presents “shortlists” of top companies in a more concise format than Clutch. Additionally, it publishes articles and surveys that empower businesses to make informed decisions.
Recognitions from The Manifest and Clutch



At Apptech Systems, a leading enterprise software developer in the MENA region, we’ve always held the conviction that dedication and hard work yield results. Our commitment to superior customer service has garnered attention from esteemed platforms and tech observers.

We’re thrilled to share our 2023 recognitions:

A heartfelt thank you to The Manifest, Clutch, and their dedicated teams for this esteemed recognition. To our invaluable clients and partners, your unwavering support has been instrumental in achieving this honor.

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