Mobile App Pre-book Airport Services

A user-friendly mobile app that allows users to pre-book a porter for luggage handling or secure a wheelchair for those in need. It comes equipped with all the essential functionalities, enabling passengers to arrange for these services prior to their arrival at the airport.

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Main Challenges

The problem of managing luggage at airports, especially when traveling with a handicapped individual, poses a significant challenge for many travelers. This issue often results in time-consuming and stressful experiences prior to boarding flights. To tackle this prevalent concern, our client reached out to simplify the luggage-handling process by providing an easy means to secure a porter for luggage transport to and from the airport, thereby improving overall efficiency and traveler convenience.

Apptech Solution

Following an in-depth analysis, we developed Arabia, a user-friendly mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS. The platform digitalizes the process of pre-booking luggage carriers, wheelchairs, and accessing complaint centers, thereby eliminating the manual hassle and potential for human error often associated with airport travel.
The app also provides a range of additional services aimed at enhancing the overall travel experience, making it more convenient and stress-free for users.


The Arabia mobile app has revolutionized the travel experience for a significant number of people, particularly those concerned about luggage management or in need of wheelchair services at airports. By facilitating easy access to trusted porters and service providers, the app has alleviated common travel anxieties. As a result, the platform has garnered positive reviews and user engagement, effectively mitigating the traditional challenges associated with airport travel. This has not only improved the quality of the travel experience but also accelerated the speed at which travelers can navigate through airports with ease and confidence.

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